Swimava Deluxe Home Spa


P1 Swimava Deluxe Home Spa + Pump & Safety Guide all included in our Unique Beach Bag

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Product Description

  • Suitable for infants enjoying water time from home.
  • Suitable ages 3-18 months. Min. weight 5.5kg (12lbs) Max. weight 13kg (29lbs).
  • Dimension: 70cm Height, 70cm Inner Diameter, 90cm Outer Diameter
  • Arrives in 1-3 Business days via Hong Kong Post.
  • **Never leave your infant unattended in or near water!**


  • Clean Swimava products with mild soap and warm water prior to use.
  • Keep Swimava products away from sharp or pointed objects, any sources of heat, and extended direct sunlight to avoid damage.
  • Use only mild soap and warm water to clean Swimava products. Do not pressure wash the product and avoid use of strong cleaning detergents, especially abrasives and bleach.
  • Do not use bath oils during the usage of Swimava products as they can affect the durability of the PVC material.
  • Regularly inspect Swimava products for any damage/punctures that could lead to deflation while in use. Put the product completely under water for 60 seconds and check for any air bubbles indicating leakage.