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About Us

Swimava founded in the UK in 2008, has become a pioneer in baby swim rings and continues to design and produce swim products with infant health and safety as our top priority. Equipped with 16 years of experience, we combine authenticity, style, and practicality to deliver unique, high-quality products intended to help parents and babies make the bath experience not only fun, easy and safe but also beneficial and unforgettable.

Benefits of Swimava Baby Swimming

Our Swimava Starter Ring gently supports the head above water allowing your infant to float and enjoy free mobility of his arms and legs. This “treading” motion is one of the first steps to early water safety and aids in the development of muscle coordination, balance, stamina, and breathing. Enjoy quality child-caregiver bonding while you’re infant experiences some of his first independent water time. Take a few minutes to watch Swimava Video Clips on our YouTube channel.

Swimava Features

Our patented pediatrician’s design, featuring dual compartmentalized air chambers, was made with your infant’s health and safety as our highest priority. Always consult your pediatrician regarding early water activity for your infant and to ensure suitability of this product. See the results of our testing and studies on the Safety First page.

Swimava is made of high quality hypo-allergenic PVC plastic and free from Bisphenol-A.

Safety Product Life of your Swimava

The product life of your new Swimava is 17 months following date of purchase. For safety reasons, do not use your Swimava after the 17 month product life has expired and dispose of safely.